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Monday 24th February | 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Please join Murdoch Education for a free seminar presented by Dr Helen Dempsey, Murdoch University Lecturer.

Many teachers spend time working as a relief teacher and this session highlights some of the challenges of this form of casual employment but also aims to provide ideas on how to make this a positive teaching experience. Drawing on her research into early career casual teachers and her own experiences of casual teaching, Helen Dempsey (PhD) will unpack specific strategies for finding work, engaging students in their learning and making connections with other teachers. This session will also explore avenues for accessing professional learning, an important component of ongoing registration. Helen will also explore casual teacher professional identity.

This is an opportunity to network with other casual teachers, and potentially participate in some ongoing research. Helen will also share her tips for navigating the staff room! Come along and share your experiences.

About the presenter:

Helen Dempsey(PhD) is a lecturer at Murdoch University working with both undergraduate and postgraduate students completing their Initial Teacher Education courses. Her research interests include the experiences of casual teachers and the role of critical reflection as a means of professional growth. Prior to her work at Murdoch University, Helen worked as a primary school classroom teacher, specialist Indonesian teacher in both primary and secondary schools and relief teacher in Australian and international schools.

Monday 9th March | 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Please join Murdoch Education for a FREE seminar presented by Regina Cruickshank, CEO of Yogazeit Ltd. and Trainer for Yoga Ed. Australia

This 60 min session will showcase the evidence behind the benefits of yoga for kids & teens, including strength, flexibility, emotional regulation, stress & anxiety, and empathy.

You will be guided through a short chair yoga sequence and learn 10 simple, easy-to-use yoga exercises to use for you and your students in the classroom.

Yoga Ed. provides evidence based curricular and trainings, empowering educators to support health and wellness for themselves and the children and teens they teach.

About the Presenter: Regina Cruickshank

Regina Cruickshank, CEO of Fremantle based Not for Profit Organisation Yogazeit Ltd. provides classes and trainings to improve physical and mental Health and Wellbeing for Australia's Youth and Educators. She's a certified Trainer for Yoga Ed. and an active part of Yoga Australia's Yoga for Children Working Group, passionate about empowering children and teens with skills for life.

Monday 16th March | 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Does school segregation matter for school outcomes? This talk presents a synthesis of social, behavioral, and educational research on the topic conducted from 1980-2020 in a number of OECD countries, but primarily the US. The preponderance of research confirms that both short- and long-term academic outcomes like academic achievement and educational attainment, as well as nonacademic outcomes including intergroup relations and occupational and income attainment, are positively associated with attending diverse schools. Overall, policies that foster school diversity are effective reform strategies for educational improvement and preparing youth for participation in a globalizing economy and a pluralistic society.

Monday 23rd March | 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Discover why building an entrepreneurial spirit in our students will help them succeed, and how to do it within the existing curriculum.

There's a lot of noise from experts about major shifts for the future of careers and workplaces for our young people. There's no doubt critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills will be essential tools for our students' career success, in fact, the face of the job market is changing so rapidly we'll all have to think and behave like entrepreneurs. So, how do we prepare our students to succeed in a  future where they'll need to consistently able to spot problems, find their own opportunities, have sound financial literacy, and, most importantly, be able to take effective action quickly? We teach them to be entrepreneurs. Now.

Behaviour & Engagement Conference 2020

Saturday, 18th April | 9am to 3pm

Following a huge demand and the resounding success of our conferences since 2012, Network Teach is proud to host a special Behaviour & Engagement Mini Conference.

This event with explore the importance of effective behaviour management/engagement within WA schools, and the differing strategies, approaches and considerations made to achieve this aim.

This conference will provide practical management strategies that can be put into place while promoting the importance of a whole-school approach to behaviour.

This event is recommended for all teachers, preservice/trainee teachers, education assistants and school leaders! 

Murdoch University | Discovery Way | ECL1 Lecture Theatre

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