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    Network Teach Founders

Network Teach has grown to embody the very best that education should stand for. By empowering aspiring teachers to truly reach their potential, it encourages forward thinking and above all, the use of initiative to bring great ideas to reality. Network Teach's success could not be possible if not for the strong and continued efforts and commitment of the founders, who collectively, have provided thousands of voluntary hours to ensure aspiring teachers have the very best opportunities available to them.

Scott Tapper



Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Founder of Network Teach Inc

Scott Tapper is the architect of Network Teach, founding and leading the organisation from it's inception to what it is today. He has served as the first Network Teach President (2011-2012), Chief Executive Officer (2013-current) and Chairman of the board (2015-2017).


With an abundance of initiative, enthusiasm and passion for helping others, Scott was instrumental in leading Network Teach as it grew from a small scale enterprise to Australia's leading and largest organisation to support aspiring teachers; achieving this drastic progression in just two short years. Scott has ensured that trainee teachers, current teachers, education assistants and school leaders are afforded a comprehensive array of opportunities and professional learning, which not only enhance employability but enhance the quality of teaching and best teacher practices.


He is the recipient of the highly coveted Vice Chancellors Award for contribution to University life and is currently a Principal in the South Metro region.

Michael Everett



Founder of Network Teach Inc

Michael Everett has been at the centre of the innovative changes that have occurred within Network Teach since it’s inception. His integration of technology into all facets of operations have ensured that Network Teach has remained at the forefront of innovation.


Michael has served as Chief Financial Officer in 2013 - 2014 and board director 2015 - 2016.


Michael has worked tirelessly to promote the very best in teacher education across Western Australia's largest School of Education, leading him to be recognised by the Vice Chancellor in the form of a special commendation for his engagement with external communities, a meritorious recognition. He aspires to serve as a Principal, implementing programs to encourage academic excellence concurrent to scaffolding individuals capable of making meaningful contributions to society.

Dr Deborah Callcott




Founder of Network Teach Inc

Dr Deborah Callcott is the conscience of Network Teach, whose active role established links with students and staff that have never before been realised. Such links have provided a great benefit to students and staff respectively with a greater sense of community and belonging.


Dr Callcott has devoted much of her time to support the team of Network Teach, empowering students to step up and take ownership of opportunities in which they are presented. Her invaluable guidance and support since the inception of Network Teach has ensured that the organisation has continued to flourish both within a university and external to a university.

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