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    About Us | Network Teach Inc

Network Teach is an independent, not for profit and

non political Education Association supporting the

Western Australian Education Community.

Our Mission

To equip members of the W.A education community with the necessary resources, experience and skills to achieve personal excellence.

Promotion of the very best in teacher quality, standards and delivery.

Developing and refining prospective educators to innovate, inspire and assist others to reach their potential.


​​Our Proud History

​Network Teach began as a student association and was founded in 2011 by Scott Tapper, Dr Deborah Callcott and Michael Everett at Edith Cowan University (ECU). It quickly grew to support all three campuses of the university with over 200 events held each year to cater for the students academic and social needs. In 2013 it was the largest and most active organisation operating with the university with 70 students representing Network Teach in a variety of leadership roles (organising and promoting each of the 200 annual events).

In 2016, following a leadership change in ECU's School of Education, Network Teach relocated off site to become an Independent Education Association. This change has been instrumental for Network Teach to provide support to a much greater cross section of Western Australia's educators (to more people than could ever initially have been imagined).


With free life membership becoming fully open to all teachers, trainee teachers, education assistants, lecturers and school administrators in 2018, Network Teach is fast becoming one of the states largest organisations to support the WA education community. Network Teach provides a range of FREE professional learning opportunities to its members during each school holiday period and hosts at least one conference each year. With thousands of members from all over the state, the benefits and support available to Network Teach members continues to grow year on year.


Despite being a full service Education Association, Network Teach proudly continues its tradition of supporting aspiring teachers and is recognised as Australia's leading and largest organisation to support aspiring teachers.

We proudly partner and are sponsored by education based organisations who assist us to provide our free or heavily subsidised learning opportunities to our members.

Network Teach provides a leading range of free and heavily subsidised professional learning opportunities for its members with an aim to ensure greater access and affordability for the WA education community.


Since 2011, Network Teach events have been attended

by over 50,000 people.

Over 150,000 students have been delivered road safety lessons by the Network Teach Road Safety team in Partnership with the RAC.

Network Teach is staffed entirely by volunteers of the WA education community; teachers, trainee teachers and school leaders who diligently give back to support their education colleagues.

Network Teach advocates that there is no 'one way' or single program to support student learning - We will proudly allow any professional learning organisation to share their expertise and pedagogy with our members - It is the choice of educators to make informed decisions as to what they think is best for them, their students and their schools as a whole. 

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